Searching for Summer

I have an exciting new project that just landed on my doorstep that may possible be my dream job right now. I don’t want to say too much too soon, but it involves something to do with Summer, Color and total creative freedom.

I have been gawking at images online all morning, from vintage summers in the USA to summer fruits and bathing suits. It’s hard to imagine anything summery when I glimpse out the window in front of my desk and see a grey gloomy Berlin sky. For now though, my Imagination will transport me to warmer climates sipping a cocktail with fruit bits and plastic umbrellas.

Revisiting South Africa

I was recently back in South Africa and used my dad’s old Pentax Super-A Film camera to capture what my digital camera and (shamelessly) my Iphone used to photograph. The sensation of pushing the lever to wind the film and feeling every analogical part inside work together was a total body experience. Th anticipation of waiting to develop the film (and bringing it thousands of kilometers back to Berlin) was beyond nail biting, partially because I have not used an analog camera in years, but mostly due to the fact that it would be a surprise. Something that is quite rare to come by these days.