Wintery Whiteness

Usually I am immensly inspired by bright , bold colors and playfull shapes and forms, but have been somewhat intrigued by ice, snow and forosted mountains after having watched a recent documentary by Werner Herzog about the McMurdo Station in the Antarctic.


Little things

I like stumbling across small beautifying things in the needle in a haystack that is the internet. Like this Lilac bouquet painted by Paul Gauguin. I’d like to try a more wristy/liney ( are those even actual words) technique to my illustrations…


His richly painted oranges make me want to drink the sweet nectar of one now..


These have been my attempts at oranges and other fruits.

I quite like the deep color.

They’re more playful than any of Gauguin’s, but then again, so am I.

img_6640 img_66462

Edition Noël



I have been keeping this project a total secret for the longest time now, and my hear beams at how beautifully it has come out. Edition Noël is a collection of 6 female artists, designers and creatives who have created a delicate Christmas Decoration in their respective field.



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Visi Online

South Africa’s most renowned Art, Design and Architecture magazine and online platform, Visi,  featured me on their online site, giving a generous mention of my  current solo exhibition ” It’s in my Naive Nature” that is still currently showing in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

You can read the full featured article here.

Summer Sun Daze Lookbook

As the summer in Berlin draws to a close, the season back home in South Africa. And although I am thousands of kilometers away,  It’s seems I’ll somehow, or at least my illustrations adorned on Men’s swimwear,  will enjoy the African summer.

Temple of reason commissioned me to illustrate their 2016 Men’s swimwear collection, which they have just launched with a super funkiest lookbook.






Exhibition: It’s In My Naive Nature

My heart is incredibly happy to share some pieces I have been secretly working on, which will be showcased at my first solo exhibition It’s In My Naive Nature .

It’s In My Naive Nature  is the visual journey and story of the naivety I often feel and experience and will open on Saturday the 8th of October  at 18:00 and hosted by Erd und Feuer Gallery , Graeffestrasse 90 Kreuzberg.



Temple of Reason

I worked on one of the coolest projects a while back with South African Men’s Swimwear brand Temple of reason. As a build up to the collection , they asked me some questions and posted some pics up on their blog, which you can read here