Salon 91 group show ‘ Things behind the sun’

Body of work for Salon (1 in Cape Town’s group show titled ‘Things behind the sun’

“With a sense that the world has slowed down and been put on pause, I honed into surfacing feelings of uncertainty, discomfort and longing for excitement adventure whilst in the process found myself acknowledging and reflecting on their presence in a surprisingly creative way. Coming to terms with the fact that behind the sunny disposition and smiles of accepting a “new normal”, lies something darker we are challenged with. This body of work explores sombre and melancholic themes through visual representations of place, both imagined and real as well as the new found need and appreciation of comfort within our four walls and a yearning desire to explore faraway lands and places. I have continued to work in my favoured medium of gouache and pencil on paper which allows me to achieve solid plans of colour and fine elements of detail”